Best Gift For Kids

We know it's a hard mission to manage the clothes of your family. You waste too much time trying to figure out what clothing belongs to what child.

That's why we created MiyaCstm™️ - the one of a kind custom name stamp that will make it easier for you to separate the family members' clothing after laundry.

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Our Story

Our story began at the beginning of the 2020 school year.

Like any other family, we bought many clothes for the upcoming school year.

In our family, there are two children whose clothes are very similar and it is always difficult for us to differentiate between their clothes. Suddenly we thought about a great solution, why not put a name on their clothes?!
We finally had a solution to a known problem.

We worked very hard for the following months and brought to market the MiyaCstm™️ ,And we also settled in Amazon,a brand that not only made to offer a great solution to a family but even for other needs like military clothing, marking socks, and even masks!

Thank you for buying from us and joining our family we are more than happy to share our great invention with you!

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